Biomedical Engineering Society

BMES is a community that is dedicated to serving the needs of biomedical engineering professionals. BMES is your connection to the latest research, bioengineering advances in technology, as well as the latest trends that impact academia and industry. You can also attend many of our events where you can connect with peers who share the same professional interests as you.

Our Mission

To help inspire and stimulate all students at the University of South Florida to achieve their full potential as an engineer or leader, improving the quality of life in biomedical engineering related aspects, and promote education and professional development.

Bringing USF
To the Forefront of BME

This graphic provides insight into the most prominent centers for BME graduates. USF first introduced its bachelors degree in biomedical engineering in the Fall of 2017. We hope that as membership in the major, and in BMES, grows we will be able to see USF as a landmark institution on this graphic.

Experience Biomedical Engineering In the Workforce

All Statistics come from Data USA

Degrees Awarded


in 2016

Job Growth

23 %

In next 10 years

Avg Annual Income



Workforce Members

4.09 M

As of 2016

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Upcoming Events

Here is a snapshot of our upcoming events which you can also find in our Calendar.